Friday, April 23, 2010

Danny Lim to public: Destroy what destroys us

“Destroy what destroys us.”

This is the political call made by detained Brigadier General Danilo “Danny” Lim to the public as the election campaign period winds down to its final leg.

In a statement on Friday, Lim said the elections have blurred the lines between good and evil. “Thieves in government use their ill-gotten wealth to run for office and have the temerity to call it public service. Mud is thrown at the decent and well-meaning, spin doctors go to town turning black into white, wrong into right.”

“Worse, everyday we see troubling events that clearly paves way for massive cheating if not a total failure of the entire election,” Lim said.

Destroy, Ruin the Structures of Cheating and Patronage

Lim said now is the time to “show political courage and destroy the forces that has destroyed the very fiber of our democracy, the functions of our institutions and the people’s hope.” He called on the people, the democratic progressive movement and all the patriotic sections of the uniformed service to close ranks.

However, Lim clarified his call. “Lest I be misunderstood, when I say ‘destroy’, I mean to politically dismantle the forces of evil, to ruin the structures of cheating and patronage politics, to politically obliterate them by being vigilant, exacting justice, implementing socio-economic reforms and if necessary, to reasonably revolt,” Lim explained.

Respect Elections or Prepare for Rebellion

The bemedalled Westpoint Graduate also said Mrs. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo remains the single most destructive force this country has ever had to contend with.

“The evil she has infused into government has besmirched our institutions and we must go back to the original sin. She cheated in the 2004 elections. She lied. She covered it up and she paid others to lie for and on her behalf,” Lim said.

Lim said Mrs. Arroyo’s same cheating machine is back. He said the fraud apparatus is out to help her and her family’s political gambit this election, and to help her secret presidential candidate win,” Lim asserted.

“We must stop this. I give Mrs. Arroyo and her cabal of fraudters a final ultimatum, respect the elections or prepare for rebellion,” Lim said.

Lim Bares Turncoat Generals

Lim who is also running for senator also exposed the events of the 2006 “military uprising.” He particularly implicated then Armed Forces Chief of Staff Generoso Senga and Philippine Army chief Gen. Hermogenes Esperon.

“These people are turncoats and rabid opporunists. During that particular moment they were convinced of the idea that Mrs. Arroyo must be forced out by a non-violent revolt by the military and the people, then all of the sudden they defected to the evil they supposed despise, thus, becoming the very same malevolence the people loathe,” Lim said.

It was reported that Senga and Esperon initially agreed to withdraw support from the Arroyo administration. Lim said Esperon said that the idea was “okay” and even suggested that “it would be better to work this out for at least for five days so it’s smooth.”

However, Senga and Esperon did not withdraw their support to the Arroyo administration. Lim said the generals succumbed to political enticements.

“I am divulging this not as an attempt at politicking. Rather, I have come out to make a clean slate of the events of 2006 as a simple reminder to Mrs. Arroyo and her loyalists that we, the real defenders of democracy, know the truth and are acting on it,” Lim said.

“We have one weapon against their lies. Mrs. Arroyo may not recognize it and her guilty minions may deny it. But it has a name. It is called the Truth,” Lim concluded.

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