Monday, August 25, 2008

The real story behind the ambush of soldiers in Mulondo town in Lanao del Sur

MARAWI CITY. The ambush on August 17 was led by Mangombaya Hadji Mustapha, a.k.a. Kalamunggay, who is a notorious illegal logger with a more or less 60 to 80 armed followers.

In the1980's, Kalamunggay founded and led RIMORUNG, a group of bandits preying mostly on victims who travelled along the national road from Marawi City to Masiu, Lanao del Sur. He is wanted for involvement in several criminal cases filed in courts in Lanao del Sur, the most noted was the beheading of several tribal people from Bumbaran and Wao in Lanao del Sur, and in Talakag, Bukidnon. The cases, ranging from murder, robbery in band, arson and rape, are archived since most of the victims are afraid to pursue for fear of reprisals.

During the ambush, Kalamunggay acted it alone with his band, and was helped and aided only by Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Commander Aleem Pangalian and his men after sensing the arrival of Army reinforcements.

According to an eyewitness, an hour before the ambush, Kalamunggay was seen talking with the team leader of the Civilian Volunteer Organization (CVO), Mustapha Mundir, after his cargoes of illegally cut logs loaded in several trucks were stopped in a checkpoint manned by Mundir at Bubong, Lanao del Sur, a 20-minute drive away from the ambush site.

The said witness overheard the two haggling, saying that Kalamunggay was asking Mundir to let his cargoes pass the detachment even with no legal papers allowing the transport of logs.

"Piray SOP a kayo aya,? (How much is the SOP for these logs?)," Kalamunggay asked Mundir who replied, saying its P20,000.00.

Sensing that Mundir would not changed his demand, the eyewitness saw Kalamunggay dialling his cellphones and asked, "Andakano? (Where are you?)"

A firefight ensued between the group of Mundir with his four CVO members and Kalamunggay with his 60 heavily armed followers which lasted for 15 minutes before the group of Kalamunggay retreated near Mulondo, Lanao del Sur.

By that time, a three-vehicle convoy of Philippine Army soldiers were passing along the national highway in Brgy. Ilian, Mulondo, Lanao del Sur. Unfortunately for the said convoy, they were fired upon by Kalamunggay and his band with the help of MILF fighters. "Akala kasi nila, hinahabol sila ng mga sundalo na nakasakay sa mga truck!"

The incident claimed the lives of 12 soldiers and the wounding of 11 CVOs and civilians.

But, what was unfortunate, was the seeming reluctance of the officials of the Philippine Army in Lanao del Sur led by Col. Rey Ardo, the 103rd Brigade Commander, to conduct relentless hot pursuit operations against the group of Kalamunggay who are still holed up in Brgy. Panayangan in Maguing, Lanao del Sur.

It is a sad reality that the practice of illegal logging remain unabated and worst, being done in cahoots with the Philippine Army based in Lanao del Sur.


Anonymous said...

If you're a president in a hurry to put together a constitution, it's so nice to know there's a deep talent pool with lots of experience you can bank on.


Jose Abueva chairman of the consultative commission, claims he was unaware of provisions sneaked in at the last minute which grant Arroyo tremendous powers Secretary of the constitutional convention who suddenly distributed a list of transitory provisions that aimed to grant immense power to Marcos

Jose de Venecia Speaker of the House, enthusiastic endorser of a change to a parliamentary form of government Member of the opposition party who, during the making of the Marcos constitution and after martial had been declared, signed a statement backing the "sweeping Marcos reforms, which coincided with the reformist goals of the opposition"

Gilberto Duavit Sr Style committee chair of the consultative commission Member of the constitutional convention. Before that he was Marcos' assistant executive secretary for political affairs. He was described by convention president Diosdado Macapgal as one of the "leaders" of the Marcos camp in the Con-con

Gerardo Espina Sr Consultative commission member, representing the League of Municipalities Member of the constitutional convention. Member of the 166-man special committee, an inner group which drafted the pro-Marcos constitution in one week

Pedro Romualdo Consultative commission member, vice chairman for Mindanao Member of the constitutional convention. Signed the Marcos constitution

Alfredo Abueg Deputy floor leader of the consultative commission Member of the constitutional convention. Signed the Marcos constitution

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Col Ardo who is linked to a certain MARIMAR? This MARIMAR is reportedly a notorious drug dealer and involved in other criminal activities. If I'm not mistaken, she was also the cause of the death of another PMA'er. Ardo yung bata ni Esperon sa Hello Garci di ba? No wonder, kahit mga bata nyan ibebenta nya.

Anonymous said...

Ardo spent most of his military career in Northern Mindanao. He was personally chosen by Esperon to be his special staff when Esperon became the J3 (operations) AFP. His assignment with J3 was meant for cheating operations.

Prior to May 2004 elections, the J3 was organized into three special operations grps. Each group was to oversee elections in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The pretext was HOPE. All J3 officers were members. Ardo's name appeared in Luzon specops dept.

However, the Luzon grp became the chief dept operating in Mindanao which was headed by Ardo.

The rest is history.