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The Reason For Our Existence

Filipino soldiers among us, the basic duty of the Filipino soldier is to defend our nation. But for whom and against whom?

Normally, this question is not being asked just like asking to members of a family this question, “ if you have to protect your family, for whom should you protect them against whom?” is not being asked. It is not being asked because the answer which is, “for the family against trespassers” is already a basic natural instinct.

Our bodies have a defense labelled as the immune system. The from its website, articlekey=3907 defines the Immune system as responsible for distinguishing us from everything foreign to us, and for protecting us against infections and foreign substances. The immune system works to seek and kill invaders.

Just like the defense at the family level and the biological level, defense system at the social level, in particular at the national level is not being given attention to as the unit it is supposed to be the beneficiary of its function is also at least functional, normally not pathological and preferably vibrant.

But when a nation as that of ours manifest painful symptoms not normal to other nations especially progressive ones like Japan, Vietnam, Israel, France or Finland, then we have to undergo examination, review our history and diagnosis. It is but proper that this is what a person experiencing pain, has to undergo—medical examination, medical history review, and diagnosis before treatment options can be decided for application.

After the 1920s, the situation in the Philippines showed that defending against who and for whom have to be reviewed.

Some of the Symptoms:

Our relatively large proportion of forest area has been decreasing at a fast rate causing flash floods and erosion of hillsides and mountainsides every year. During the last quarter of 2004, some 1500 people perished in the flashfloods and landslides in Aurora and neighboring provinces. This was caused by logging operations financed by 5 Chinese named by former DENR Secretary Alvarez. As reported in many news reports, a big proportion of those have been involved in the financing of logging are Chinese.

We have a fertile land. Our food production including rice production of which we were one of the highest in exporting to other countries has now gone down to making us one of lowest in production making us highest in importing. As reported in many reports, Chinese are mostly the ones in cartels buying farm products to farmers at a very low price and distribute them to retailers at a very high price. There is a report now that a group of Chinese are flooding the Philippine market with very low priced eggs threatening to kill the egg livelihood of the Filipinos.

Sometime in the 1950s, there have been killings of some of us Filipinos by Americans in Clark Field, Pampanga when it was still a U. S. Base. But the American military refused to hand over the killers to the Philippine courts for trial. There was an incident in which some of us Filipinos were alleged to be pilferers were shot down like dogs inside the American bases.

There was also the detention of Enrique Santa Maria, a Filipino mining operator, by the Clark Field U. S. Air Base authorities for mining in Bueno Hill, Capas, Tarlac, which was within the American reservation.

In 1964, one of us Filipinos, a boy in Clark Field was shot in the back by an American sentry. This was followed shortly by the killing of another one of us, a Filipino fisherman by American sentries at the Olongapo Naval Base in Subic, Zambales.

In 1968, another one of us Filipinos was shot to death by an American sentry in Cavite.

The following year, another trigger happy American soldier, who was off duty, went hunting with his service pistol, in broad daylight shot to death another one of us, a Filipino employee of the military base. The American soldier said he mistook that one of us Filipinos for a “wild boar.” The American military court hastily tried the offender and acquitted him. A few days later, he was reported to have left for the United States

We now have one of the highest death rates in the world of persons who were either vocal in exposing or fighting corruption in the government. This is an indication of sytematic killing of Filipinos of which, only an organization like that of the Armed Forces of the Philippines or the Philippine National Police is capable of executing. This is a symptom of systematic killing of own nationals by a defense organization of the same nationals.

In General Santos City ISM participants investigated several facilities including the local airport, the Makar Wharf, the fish port, and a new luxury hotel and concluded that they are grossly out of proportion to the actual needs of the people of the city and the region. The fact that these huge infrastructures were built recently with US funding in a region that is strategically favorable for military use raises the suspicion that they were constructed for future use by the US military.

There was a case of an american convicted of raping a Filipina. The convicted american was sprang out of Manila City Jail by Americans helped by Filipino Government Officials.

This is a pattern of foreign trespassing. All through these years, the Philippine government labelled legally as such have not only not done anything to stop these trespasses but have even collaborated with them. Instead of utilizing the national defense organization to check foreign trespassings, the Gloria Macabebe Arrobo government utilized these organization to kidnap a witness to anomalous dealings with the broadband deal of the Chinese, kill Filipinos fighting corruption in the government, manipulate election results and protect the foreign trespassers.

In developed nations, their soldiers instinctively defend their nation against foreign trespassers. We only read their histories. The Japanese generals in the 1900s threathened to remove their prime minister when he took American for his advisers. Gen de Gaulle led a resistance movement against German invasion and their puppet government led by Gen Petain in the 1940s. The Vietnamese people and their soldiers drove away the American invaders in the 1970s.

The also states that a key part of the immune system's role is to differentiate between invaders and the body's own cells– when it fails to make this distinction, a reaction against 'self' cells and molecules causes autoimmune disease.

Ours is a case of an autoimmune social disease. We have first of all to realize that defending Americans and Chinese who are our invaders, and their collaborator GMA is abnormal. It is pathologic.
The next thing to do if we still do not know what to do with this case is to review our history. Let us research our glorious moment when we became independent of Spain and produced our own government, our own defense system, constitution, a republic and a national identity. Whereas before there were the visayans, the tagalogs, the moros and many different groups of people, we became one territory and one nation when we became independent.

After that, during the 1900s, the Americans invaded our country, destroyed our defense system, killed our people and corrupted our education, communication, political and psycho-sociological sytem with an Americanized Infected Disorder Syndrome.

This in a very brief review, is the underlying cause of our sickness today, including thatof the painful situation in Mindanao.

Filipino Soldiers among us, for whom are we defending against whom?

(Posted by Josemiguel at the Sundalo Forum)

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