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Sins of the Cavaliers

The following exposés detailed the sins of commission/omission by Cavaliers during the 2004 Presidential Elections. You be the judge…


Sulu, May 2004

While the canvassing of votes was being done inside Military Camps in Jolo, Sulu, watchers from both the Opposition and Administration Parties were given wads of cash by officers for them to leave the canvassing area. After the watchers left, the results were rigged in favor of GMA. The money was brought by MGEN HERMOGENES ESPERON (Cav ’74) in large black backpacks and distributed to concerned commanders.

Then MGEN GABRIEL HABACON (Cav ’72) was the Commander of Task Force COMET based in Sulu. For his participation in the election cheating, HABACON was promoted to Commander, SOUTHCOM under scandalous circumstances that forced the cancellation of the turn-over ceremonies for the supposed new commander, MGEN SAMUEL BAGASIN (Cav ’72).

Then COL NEHEMIAS PAJARITO (Cav ‘76) was the Brigade Commander of the 104th Brigade based in Sulu. For his involvement in the election cheating, PAJARITO was later promoted to BGEN. He later got his second star.

Then COL NELSON ALLAGA (Cav ’76) was the Brigade Commander of the 3rd Marine Brigade based in Sulu. He later admitted openly to several Marine officers that he distributed money to his battalion commanders to rig the results in favor of GMA. For this, he was promoted to BGEN. He is now LTGEN and Commander of WESMINCOM.


Tawi-Tawi, May 2004

During the municipal and, later, provincial canvassing in Tawi-Tawi, then Navy CAPTAIN FELICIANO ANGUE (Cav ’78) kept on calling COL ARIEL QUERUBIN (Cav ’79) to express his disgust with then MGEN HERMOGENES ESPERON’s (Cav ’74) because of the latter’s instruction for him (ANGUE) to tamper with the election results in Tawi-Tawi so that GMA gets additional votes in Tawi-Tawi. ANGUE told QUERUBIN that instead of complying, he appealed to ESPERON that the “special operations” be done elsewhere since Tawi-Tawi does not have a big voter population to play with. Because of his non-cooperation, ANGUE was immediately relieved of his post. However, since he kept quiet about this incident, he was eventually promoted to Commodore.

PMA CLASS ’77 “Chicken Club”

Camp Crame, Not long after election

Members of Class ’77 have what they call the “CHICKEN CLUB” which meets every Wednesday for lunch at Camp Crame. The said lunch meeting was usually hosted by S/SUPT EDGARDO H DIVINA. Not long after the ’04 elections, then COL RAYMUNDO FERRER attended a “CHICKEN CLUB” meeting with more than a dozen members of the class. Among those present are BOY CAMAGAY, MANDY ANDAYA, and CHITO MANGUBAT. FERRER, at that time, was Brigade Commander of the Army Brigade based in Basilan. He was bragging to his classmates that he was the one who “took charge of the ballot boxes” in Basilan. He was relating it like it was the most commendable thing he has ever done. FERRER was later promoted to BGEN (also the first Army general of his class), and later on, was also the first to get a second star.


Camp Aguinaldo, 2000H 23 February 2006

During a meeting at the Chief of Staff’s Office, GEN GENEROSO SENGA (Cav ’72) confessed to BGEN DANILO LIM (Cav ’78), COL ARIEL QUERUBIN (Cav ’79) and MGEN RODRIGO MACLANG (Cav ’76) that he himself is “not clean” and he was also “used “during the 2004 presidential election cheating


The controversial MAYUGA REPORT, which holds the key to the above exposés, has not been released. The only thing that was released was the 2 page summary that states:

“Finally, the Board has been able to identify certain lapses in procedures in the conduct of COMELEC deputized duties as well as irregularities of some military personnel and thereby recommended corrective actions such as:

1. Reassess the utilization of military personnel as members of the Board of Election Inspectors and clustering of precincts;

2. Restudy the utilization of military camps for canvassing of votes;

3. Deputization by names;

4. Formulation of policies regarding AFP participation in future electoral exercises; and

5. Conduct of further investigation to determine the specific culpability of some AFP personnel on their alleged” involvement in the 2004 elections cheating.



(from based on the transcript of the “Hello Garci” Tape)

A conversation between COMELEC Commissioner Garcillano and different personalities including Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo that confirms on how the so called “Garci Generals” used their power and influence to control the elections in favor of GMA

'GARCI' GENERALS and other military and police officials whose names were mentioned in the Hello Garci wiretapped conversations

BRIG. GEN. FRANCISCO GUDANI, Marine brigade commander in charge of the Lanao provinces: Gudani's name was mentioned in the Hello Garci recordings (May 28 22:13 and June 8 13:25) as the uncooperative military officer who refused to go along with COMELEC Commissioner Virgilio Garcillano. He defied EO 464 and appeared at a Senate hearing on the Hello Garci wiretapping controversy on September 28, 2005. The executive order, issued earlier that day, banned senior government officials including the military from appearing in congressional investigations without the prior approval of President Arroyo. During the hearing, Gudani said that he saw vote-buying and other irregularities in Lanao during the 2004 elections. Citing information from his unnamed source, he also claimed First Gentleman Mike Arroyo flew to Mindanao twice in a private helicopter days before the election to deliver boxes containing approximately P500 million. Gudani also said that he was called to Manila by his superiors "just to play golf" when all armed forces unit commanders were on red alert in the days after the 2004 elections, when vote counting was being done. He became assistant superintendent of the Philippine Military Academy eventually sacked from his post and charged by the AFP with violation of Article of War 65 (willful disobedience of a superior officer) following his appearance at the Senate hearing.

BRIG. GEN. HERMOGENES ESPERON, JR., Deputy chief of staff for operations. A "Gen. Esperon" was mentioned in the Hello Garci recordings (May 28 22:13; June 8 13:25). In the conversations, "Gen. Esperon" was mentioned along with "Gen. Kyamko" as having a hand in temporarily taking out Brig. Gen. Gudani from Marawi and Lanao during the canvassing of votes in those areas. He replaced Lt. Gen. Generoso Senga as commanding general of the Philippine Army in 2005, (after the Hello Garci recordings came out).

LT. GEN. ROY KYAMKO, Commander, Southern Command. A "Gen. Kyamko" was mentioned in the Hello Garci recordings (May 28 22:13; June 8 13:25). In the conversations, "Gen. Kyamko" was mentioned along with "Gen. Esperon" as having a hand in temporarily taking out Brig. Gen. Gudani from Marawi and Lanao during the canvassing of votes in those areas.

MAJ. GEN. GABRIEL HABACON, Chief of Task Force Comet, whose jurisdiction included the Western Mindanao region. A "Gen. Habacon" was mentioned in the Hello Garci recordings (May 29 14:00; June 2 22:29). In the conversations, the man believed to be Garcillano allegedly said that Habacon still did not know much about matters pertaining to changes in election returns. After the elections, Habacon became commanding general of the 1st Infantry Division, Philippine Army. In January 2006, he was appointed chief of the Southern Command, replacing Lt. Gen. Edilberto Adan; Habacon assumed the post just months before his retirement in September 2006. Sen. Rodolfo Biazon dubbed Habacon's appointment as a "payback appointment".

P/DIR. GEN. ARTURO LOMIBAO, Director, PNP Criminal Investigation and Detection Group. A "Gen. Lomibao" was mentioned in the Hello Garci recordings (June 5 17:01; June 6 19:00; June 7 20:38). In the conversations, it seemed that the man believed to be Garcillano had coordinated with or contacted Lomibao during the canvassing of votes, and that Lomibao went to Zamboanga. Became chief of the directorial staff. Appointed PNP chief in March 2005.

(Ret.) GEN. HERMOGENES EBDANE, JR., Chief, PNP. A "Gen. Ebdane" was mentioned in the Hello Garci recording on June 5 17:01. In the conversation, the man believed to be Garcillano mentioned that it was Ebdane who instructed Lomibao to go to "Languyan". (Languyan is a municipality in Tawi-Tawi province). Appointed National Security Adviser by President Arroyo when his stint as PNP chief ended in 2004. Appointed DPWH secretary in February 2005.

COL. AMINKADRA SALAHUDDIN UNDUG, Commanding officer of ISAFP MIG9 based in Zamboanga. A "Col. Undug" was mentioned in the Hello Garci recording on June 5 13:41. In the recording, one of the men said he asked the ISAFP through "Col. Undug" in Zamboanga to pick up the family of a certain "Rashma" and use them as a "bargaining chip" to prevent this "Rashma" from "talking."

Excerpts from the Hello Garci transcript:

May 28 22:13 Conversation between a male (believed to be Garcillano) and a female (believed to be President Arroyo)

Garcillano: Hello, good evening ma’am.

GMA: Hello, the FPJ camp raw will file a case against the Board of Canvassers of ano, dun sa Marawi, and the military?

Garcillano: Ano ma’am?

GMA: The FPJ camp raw will file a case raw against the Board of Canvassers and the military in Marawi?

Garcillano: Hindi naman ho siguro nila maa-ano yung ating Board of Canvassers, pero ang military, kasi si Gudani, sa kanila si Gudani. I do not know why they will file.

GMA: Oo, oo.

Garcillano: Sa kanila si Gudani ma’am. In fact that’s why we have, I have to work with Gen. Esperon and Gen. Kyamko na at that time, pinalitan namin si Gudani for a while. Kaya kwan, pero bakit nila
file-filan yang mga military na sa kanila lahat. Halos ayaw na nga mag-give way sa aming mga tao.

GMA: Oo, meron silang pina ... (line cut)

May 29 14:00 Conversation between Gary (V. Garcillano) and one unidentified female believed to be PGMA (Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo)

GMA: Hello?

Garcillano: Hello ma’am, good afternoon. Tumawag raw kayo ma’am?

GMA: Yes, oo. Sabi nung kabila, nagpaplano-plano sila among themselves, meron daw silang mga affidavits from teachers and Board of Canvassers na they witnessed and were made to cheat.

Garcillano: Wala naman hong, saan ho nila kaya, yung kwan ho kanina, yung sinabi nyo sa Pangutaran it’s like this. It’s true na yung nag-appear doon, nabaligtad si FPJ. Pero sa canvassing sa province, ang result yun din hong original ang nalagay because of the words and figures were not changed.

GMA: Uh-hm, uh-hm.

Garcillano: Kasi sila Gen. Habacon ba, hindi masyadong marunong pa dyan, medyo sila ang umano nun. Nag-explain ho sa akin yung election officer ng kwan, ng Pangutaran, si kwan.

GMA: Uh-hm…

Garcillano … pero sa canvass, sinabi naman ho ng Provincial Board of Canvassers, ang ginawa, yun din hong original votes nya, yun din ho ang nabilang kaya wala ho (line cut)

June 2 22:29 Conversation between Gary (V. Garcillano) and unidentified female believed to be PGMA (Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo)

Garcillano: Hello, ma’am. Good evening.

GMA: Hello. Dun sa Lanao del Sur tsaka sa Basilan, di raw nagmamatch ang SOV sa COC?

Garcillano: Ang sinasabi nya, nawala na naman ho?

GMA: Hindi nagmamatch.

Garcillano: Hindi nagmamatch? May posibilidad na hindi magmatch kung hindi nila sinunod ‘yung individual SOV ng mga munisipyo. Pero aywan ko lang ho kung sa atin pabor o hindi. Kasi doon
naman sa Basilan at Lanao Sur, itong ginawa nilang pagpataas sa inyo, hindi naman ho kwan, maayos naman ang paggawa eh.

GMA: So nagmamatch?

Garcillano: Oho. Sa Basilan, alam nyo naman ang mga military dun eh hindi masyadong marunong kasi silang gumawa eh. Katulad ho dun sa Sulu, sa General Habacon. Pero hindi naman ho, kinausap ko na ‘yung Chairman ng Board sa Sulu. Ang akin patataguin ko na muna yung EO ng Pangutaran na para hindi siya maka-testigo ho. Na-explain na ho yung sa Camarines Norte. Tomorrow we will present the official communication dun ho sa Senate. ‘Yung sinasabing wala hong laman ‘yung ballot box. Na- receive ho nila lahat eh.

GMA: Oo, oo.

Garcillano: Tumawag ho kayo kanina ma’am?

GMA: Yeah, about that Lanao del Sur nga at tsaka Basilan.

Garcillano: Iaano ko na lang ho, nag-usap na kami ni Abdullah dun sa kwan kanina. About this, iaano ko ho, huwag ho kayong masyadong mabahala. Anyway, we will take care of this. Kakausapin ko rin si Atty. Macalintal.

GMA: Oo. Tapos nun, si uhm ... sa Languyan, meron daw silang teacher na nasa Witness Protection
Program ng kabila. Languyan.

Garcillano: Sino ho?

GMA: ‘Yung kabila. May teacher daw silang hawak.

Garcillano: Wala naman ho, baka nananakot lang ho sila kasi.

GMA: Languyan, Tawi-Tawi.

Garcillano: Languyan, Tawi-tawi? Wala naman ho tayong kwan dun, wala tayong ginawa dun, sa Languyan. Talo nga tayo dun, talo nga si Nur dun eh.

GMA: Oo, oo.

Garcillano: Sige, aanuhin ko ho lahat ng ‘yan.

GMA: Ok, ok. Thank you.

June 5 13:41 Conversation between Gary (V. Garcillano) and a certain Boy (believed to be either Renault “Boy” Macarambon or Renato “Boy” Magbutay)

Boy: Hello, sir. Si Rashma parang nandyan sa Manila.

Garcillano: Nasa Manila? Naku delikado. Hindi ba natin makontak?

Boy: Walang ano … In-off ang cellphone. Pinahanap ko sa ISAFP.

Garcillano: Ah ... delikado yan.

Boy: Oo nga, sabi ko sa ISAFP doon kay Colonel Undug sa Zamboanga para may bargaining chip tayo dyan, eh damputin na natin ‘yung pamilya din niya. Para di na siya makapagsalita.

Garcillano: Oo nga eh.

Boy: Kasi delikado yan eh.

Garcillano: Pero nagawa bang talaga yan?

Boy: Ha?

Garcillano: Nagtrabaho ba yan?

Boy: Nagtrabaho yan sir, pero yung trabaho, limpio ang trabaho nila. Ang problema ang Kang Patangan. Baka ang sabihin siguro niyan na binaligtad ni Kang Patangan sa itaas, sa provincial level.
(line cut)

Boy: Hello, sir.

Garcillano: Boy, maghanap ka lang ng well-meaning na kamag-anak nya. Huwag mo munang pakikidnap ‘yung pamilya. Soft touch muna na puwedeng maka-persuade sa kanya o makapag … (line cut)

June 5 17:01 Conversation between Gary (V. Garcillano) and a certain Boy (believed to be either Renault “Boy” Macarambon or Renato “Boy” Magbutay)

Garcillano: Boy.

Boy: Hello sir.

Garcillano: Hello Boy, tawagan ka ni Gen. Lomibao ha. Siya ang pinadala kahapon pa diyan ni Gen. Ebdane…dahil concerned sila primero sa Languyan…Pero ok naman…

Boy: Languyan o Tuburan?

Garcillano: Languyan. Primero Languyan hapun..

Boy: Languyan? Si Adnan?
(translated from the Visayan original)

Man: Wala naman silang sinasabing ganyan.

Garcillano: Meron. Kahapon pa.

Man: Ganoon ba?

Garcillano: Oo. Nasabihan ko na niyan si Mike Abas.

Man: So, tatawag na lang siya sa akin mamaya, sir?

Garcillano: Oo, tatawag siya sa iyo. Di niya alam na nasa iisang lugar lang kami. Akala niya siguro nasa Mindanao ako. Si Gen. Lomibao ba.

Man: Lomibao? Sa PNP?

Garcillano: Oo, Chief PNP. General na siya.

June 6 19:00 Conversation between PGMA (Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo) and Garcillano (V. Garcillano)

GMA: Hello?

Garcillano: Hello ma’am. Good evening. Tumawag po kayo.

GMA: Ah dumating...dapat i-sigurado natin consistent yung mga documents sa Maguindanao.

Garcillano: Oo ma’am. Hindi naman ho masyadong problema sa Maguindanao. Ano ho yung itinext ninyo kagabi na may mga fake precincts na ako raw ang mastermind?

GMA: Oo, oo.

Garcillano: Pero ma’am … Ano ba naman. Hindi ko maintindihan what they are trying to drive at when 120 days before elections established na ang precincts.

GMA: Ah ok, ok. Siguro ano, mga shot in the dark lang ‘yun, but I’m just letting you know everything I find out para we can always make the appropriate remedies.

Garcillano: Si Gen. Lomibao nasa Zamboanga na. I have all the people around us talk to him so that they will be able to prevent who is going to work.

GMA: Ok. Ok. Ok. Sige, thank you.

June 7 20:38 Conversation between Gary (V. Garcillano) and a certain Ruben

Garcillano: Hello.

Ruben: Yeah, Garci, si Ruben. Anong balita?

Garcillano: Eto, nag-aano ako kasi. ‘Yung sa Tipo-tipo na tao, parang nasa kamay na nila.

Ruben: Oo nga eh.

Garcillano: Pero wala namang damage magagawa … (garbled) … pero kay Wahab. Kaya dapat si Wahab ang gumalaw niyan.

Ruben: Pero, magte-testify sya against the administration eh. Against the President.

Garcillano: How can she? Wala naman siyang ginawa kay Presidente.

Ruben: Eh hindi, di ba ang gagamiting magte-testify siguro ‘yun against the President regarding the bawas-dagdag na ginawa dun sa ano.

Garcillano: Wala naman siyang ginawa para kay Presidente dun sa kanya ah.

Ruben: Hindi, ‘yun ang pinepresenta di ba? Yan ‘yung pinepresenta ni Rufus Rodriguez pati yung kay Ebron?

Garcillano: Oo nga, pero wala naman. Kay Ebron, di niya makukuha si Ebron, wala na, di niya makukuha.

Ruben: Si Ebron nga, hindi na nga dahil as of two days ago, nakausap na nga raw eh.
Garcillano: Sinong nakausap?

Ruben: Si Ebron, nakausap na ng military.

Garcillano: Sabihin mo dyan sa military na ‘yan, wag silang masyadong kwan makikialam, kasi sinampal pala si Ebron eh, aking tao yan eh, taga Batangas yan eh.

Ruben: Ah ganun ba?

Garcillano: Oo, huwag namang ganun. Bago nila ginawa yun nung primero, sinampal pa siya eh, kaya mangiyak-ngiyak yung tao eh. Pero kahit pakainin mo ng bala yun, di na magpapakita. Ngayon, itong si Rashma Hali, wala naman masasabi against kay ma’am eh, kahit anong gawin nila because she has not done anything except kay Wahab Akbar. Kaya dapat si Wahab ang mawarningan.

Ruben: Pero, ano ba pare yung pinakikitang ano ni Rufus na ano?

Garcillano: Ah, pabayaan mo siya but it does not have anything to do with the President.

Ruben: Ibig mong sabihin yung pinakikitang dinagdagan daw yung boto ni Presidente eh....

Garcillano: Hindi naman nila matetestiguhan kung hindi sa kanyang munisipyo.

Ruben: Yung Tipo-tipo di ba?

Garcillano: Oo nga, pero ang problema niyan, wala naman kay Presidente dyan.

Ruben: Hindi ba yun ang pinepresenta ni Rufus na dinagdagan?

Garcillano: Yung pinakikita ni Rufus, tingnan natin sa provincial canvass, kasi wala naman nagagawa yan dun sa kanyang munisipyo. Bahala siya, kaya nga ina-ano ko si Wahab, pina-aano ko kay Wahab ngayon, dapat si Presidente ma-kwan niya kay Wahab para si Wahab ang kumuha ng taong yan kung hindi, ipakukuha ko ang pamilya niyan.

Ruben: Uh-hum.

Garcillano: Yun na lang last resort ko, pakukuha ko ang pamilya nyan.

Ruben: Kaya nga. Ganun talaga ang dapat gawin dun.

Garcillano: Oo, pero dapat malaman ni Wahab na si Wahab, kasi ang more damage will be against that Wahab Akbar, not the President.

Ruben: Bakit, maapektuhan ba yung boto ni Wahab?

Garcillano: Siya talaga ang ano, ang malaking ano, naka-pabor.

Ruben: Uh-hm.

Garcillano: Kaya kung maaari papupuntahin ko nga rito yung supervisor, patago ko rin dito sa kin. Because, I want to clean out kung alin yung mga by municipality results.

Ruben: Hindi ‘yun nga ang nagkakaproblema dahil si Wahab ang nagpatrabaho nyan eh.

Garcillano: Eh ang problema niyang si Wahab, gumalaw si Wahab nung huli na.

Ruben: Huli na nga eh. Akinse na nung gumalaw si Wahab eh.

Garcillano: Alam mo si Wahab was working for FPJ actually.

Ruben: Oo, nung una.

Garcillano: Nung nalaman niyang matatalo si FPJ, saka bumaligtad.

Ruben: Sinabi mo. Totoo talaga.

Garcillano: Yung mga tao namin diyan, eh galit na galit sa kanya eh. Kaya ito, kung anuman, basta malalaman ko hanggang umaga, ng maagang-maaga kung ano talaga ang score doon so I can tell
them to get her family kung halimbawa. Sabagay medyo matindi na ito kasi nandun naman si Lomibao, nandun din si... ewan ko kung sino pang nandun, may isang colonel na nandun. Kung kailangang kunin, di kunin na ang pamilya nya. Lokohan na rin lang eh, di kwan. Pero yang Rufus na yan, wala namang alam yan.

Ruben: Kaya nga, kaya nga.

Garcillano: Ewan ko lang kung pupunta pa uli yun, pakidnap ko siya. Nakakaano eh.

Ruben: Hindi naman pumupunta, pero ang balita ko nandirito sa Parañaque.

Garcillano: Nandito na yung ano...

Ruben: Nandito na nga raw sa Parañaque nun pang Saturday.

Garcillano: O sige. Basta we’ll ask somebody to look for her and then get her family, kung pwede.

Ruben: Oo, oo. Tanong ko lang sa ‘yo pare, papaano ‘yung ano natin, sa party-list?

Garcillano: Hindi ko pa maa-ano kasi hanggang ngayon wala kaming usapan mga tao tungkol diyan.
Tatawagan kita bukas ng tanghali kung anuman.

Ruben: O sige.

Garcillano: Ano yun? Ano yun?

Ruben: Yung TUCP at saka ANAD.

Garcillano: Ay! Wag mo nang dagdagan, mahihirapan tayo niyan.

Ruben: Hindi ba mas maganda kung yung lahat ng magkakatabi na yan eh...

Garcillano: Hindi kasi nag-proclaim na kami. Ang alam ng mga Commissioner and the other people there, mahirap nang kumuha, kung magkuha tayo, yung mga malapit na, yung hindi na mahahalata kasi…

Ruben: Tama. Pero malapit yun ha kesa sa SMILE.

Garcillano: Kaya nga, bahala na pero ang kaso, pag sabay-sabay mo niyan, sinong pagagawin mo
niyan eh itong mga bata hindi na pupwedeng gumalaw eh. Titingnan ko bukas kung anuman.

Ruben: Sige, tawagan mo ako ha.

Garcillano: Oo.

Ruben: Ok, ok sige thank you.

June 8 13:25 Conversation between Gary (V. Garcillano) and Gene

Gene: Boss, nakatanggap ako ng certification ngayon dito galing sa mga bata natin sa Lanao, nag failure na naman pala dahil kay Gudani.

Garcillano: Oo nga eh.

Gene: Putang-ina, sino ba yang Gudani, bakit ganun yun?

Garcillano: Yun ang pinaalis ko.

Gene: Oo nga, ba’t andudoon na naman, papaano ‘to?

Garcillano: Oo nga, bumalik na naman. Kaya nga ayaw makialam si First Gentleman dyan. Sabi ko nga, pinasabihan ko nga kay Ruben Reyes na paalisin na nyo yan.

Gene: Putang-ina, tarantado talaga to.

Garcillano: Oo, pinaalis ko yan eh. Pero after three days after elections, bumalik man dyan. And nag (garbled) dyan si Col. Quirino thru Gen. Esperon at tsaka si Gen. Kyamko.

Gene: Eh ano ba gagawin ko, gagawan ko pa ba ng memo ‘to o ipapareschedule, papaano, gagawa ako
ng memo sa en banc?

Garcillano: Ipa-reschedule natin.

Gene: Gagawa ako ng ano ha.

Garcillano: Oo para sa commission en banc.

Gene: Ano nangyari sa inyo? O sige, nasa meeting ka yata eh. Ok, sige ok.

Garcillano: Mamayang hapon nandiyan ako.

Gene: O yung best friend mo bumabanat na naman, putang-ina talaga itong si Pimentel.

Garcillano: Bakit, bakit?

Gene: Hindi ka ba nanonood ng TV?

Garcillano: Hindi ako nanonood.

Gene: Putang-ina binabakbakan si Betty Pizaña.

Garcillano: Oo nga eh, anak ng jueteng naman, wala namang kakwenta-kwenta yan.

Gene: Sinasabi na nga na clerical error, putang-ina talagang matanda ito.

Garcillano: 116 votes lang. Ibigay mo na sa kanya. (Laughs)

Gene: (Laughs) Ok pare sige, sige.



1. COL ARTURO BAYUGA ORTIZ PA (Cav ’79) – then chief operations officer Task Force HOPE ’04; presently the RC, Special Forces based in Ft. Magsaysay

2. LTC RESTITUTO ANIMAS BACLAYON PAF (Cav ‘85) - together with Gen. Esperon, Navy Capt. Feliciano Angue and Ortiz went to Malacanang to get instructions from GMA herself prior to the 04 Elections. He has in his possession the Garci wiretapped conversations and other incriminating documents.

3. CPT VALENTINO REYES LOPEZ PA (Cav ’94) - He was the chief security officer of his uncle, Garci. He was also the ''bag man'' of Esperon. He was charged of a P50 million bribery to a Comelec Regional Director but the case did not prosper. Presently detailed at PDEA.

4. LTGEN. ROMEO PINON TOLENTINO (Cav ’74) - former CG Philippine Army. His operators then were:

a. MAJ ALEXEI CARREON MUSNGI (Cav ’93) - Jolo operations. Now in the office CG PA.

b. MAJ ROBERT BARBERAN MASA (Cav ‘90) - Jolo operations. Now in the office CG PA.

c. MAJ NEONEL MANUEL NICHOLAS (Cav ’91) - Zamboanga operations. Now at ISG.

d. MAJ SISON – Zamboanga operations. Now at G2/ISG.

5. GEN. HERMOGENES ESPERON (Cav ’74) - then AFP DCS for Operations J3, who was also the Deputy Chief of the military’s Task Force HOPE, now Chief of Staff AFP. His operators then were:

a. LTC GILBERT ITALIA GAPAY (Cav ‘86) - then TF HOPE ’04 finance/disbursing officer. Now Armor Battalion Cmdr.

b. COL REY CABAHUG ARDO (Cav ‘81) - Mindanao operations, TF HOPE .

c. COL DANIEL ABIA LUCERO (Cav ’83) - Now Exec Asst. CS AFP.


e. LTC OSCAR TACCAD LACTAO (Cav ‘84) - Now at the office CS AFP.

f. LTGEN ROY KYAMKO - Then Southern Command Chief. Now head of PTF Anti Environment Crimes based at Camp Aguinaldo; Close aide revealed relationship with GMA has turned sour.

g. VADM. ERNESTO HERNANDEZ DE LEON (Cav ’72) - promised GMA to secure ballot boxes once on board any navy ship.

h. MGEN ARSENIO RICAMORA ARUGAY (Cav ‘75) - former Bicol Deputy Brigade Comdr. Now 9th Div Comdr also in Bicol. Recently forced soldiers to campaign for Team Unity by giving them 3 to 6 days pass.


j. COL JORGE FLORENCIO VALBUENA SEGOVIA (Cav ‘80) - former ISG, now Brigade Comdr in Laguna


6. The Garci wiretappers:






7. LTC FRED PELONIA - a reserve officer who was one of the marine battalion commanders who received money from then COL ALLAGA.

8. LTC ELMER ESTOPIN - a reserve officer who was one of the marine battalion commanders who received money from then COL ALLAGA.

9. COL GOMITO PIRINO - replaced BGEN GUDANI as Commander of TASK FORCE RANAO when GUDANI refused to slacken security that made it difficult for GARCI to cheat in Lanao.


11. LTGEN RODOLFO GARCIA (Cav ‘70) - Commander of Task Force Hope'04 and was then VCS, now with Fortune Tobacco. He campaigned for PGMA during his "talks" with soldiers (so did then-Defense Sec. Ermita) without mentioning names, eg: "..of course you will not vote for an actor.." "..we should vote for the candidate who has the experience, appropriate academic background.. etc."

Most of the aforementioned sins of our fellow Cavaliers were provided by other Cavaliers who still believe in the tenets of the Honor Code.


Anonymous said...

May I know why the PMAAA is so silent with regard to these cheaters? Mga Sirs....takot ba kayo?

Anonymous said...

karamihan sa mga PMAers siga lang sa mga underclass. pero walang moral courage. nakakahiya.

Anonymous said...

ang article na to ay nagpapatunay lamang kung anong mga klaseng mga officers ang napoproduce ng PMA. nasaan na ang "Courage, Integrity, Loyalty"? nakakahiya.

Anonymous said...

Mandaya rin kayo!!! Tiyak nasa pwesto rin kayo.

Tandaan na lang natin ang mga pangalan ng mga yan at nalalapit na ang singilan.

Anonymous said...

Purge the AFP...crucify the bandits in uniform.... Pero baligtad eh...

Kung sino yung matino at may integridad, sya pa ang pinagpapasan ng krus.

To general Lim at General Gudani, mga ser...saludo po ang mga OFW sa inyo.Asahan nyo po ang tulong namin. Ang mga tulad nyo ang kailangan ng bayan, Mabuhay po kayo.
Jet Roxas
Saudi Aramco
Safaniya, KSA said...

panahon na para sa pagbabago.sama-sama tayong kumilos

Anonymous said...

Lets face the current issue the economic meldown. Puro kayo pa pogi wala naman kayong ibubuga, isa sa mga kasama nyo nasa senado na o ano ngayon ang kanyang nagagawa o mabawasan man lamang ang mga problema.

We really need an Iron hand to lead our country kasi lahat gustong maging leader.

Problema muna nang bayan ang lutasin natin bago yong personal na mabisyon nyo sa buhay at doon makikiisa ako / kami sa inyo.

Anonymous said...

Always remember: 1. Kindness to those cruel, corrupt public officials and mafiosis (Cojuangcos {Danding, Peping, Tonyboying, Charlesing, Marking, and Gilberting Cojuangco Teodoro}, Marcoses, Enriles, Lobregats, Romualdezes-to name a few) is cruelty to those kind filipinos who follow the laws and rules. 2. Make sure that our next President is not one of those stupid, insensitive, shortsighted, weak, clever idiots who advocated the granting of executive clemency to that convicted plunderer and bloodthirsty Corbito-Dacer-Bentain-Baron Cervantes murderer. 3. Make sure that our next President is not a political agent of the mafiosi Cojuangcos (Loren Legarda, Francis Escudero, Ping Lacson, Greg Honasan, Unggoy and Erap Estrada, Jejomar Binay, Ernesto Maceda, Ronaldo Puno, Leandro Mendoza, Prospero Nograles-to name a few) 4. Coco levy funds plunderer and the godfather of the destabilizers Danding Cojuangco, Jr. seized San Miguel Corporation just like that and without spending a single centavo a day after his political agent Erap Estrada was sworn in as our stupid 0.1% pro-poor, 99.9% pro-plunderers President. 5. The mafiosi Cojuangcos and Marcoses just want power over everything so they can control and loot everything. 6. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. 7. The best predictor of human behavior is past behavior. 8. What begins at the top trickles down to the bottom. 9. Our #1 problem is not the economy stupid but graft and corruption and the mafiosis stupid. 10. GMA appointed Gilbert Teodoro ( a very clever evidence fabricator {like Ping Lacson} and the #1 favorite nephew of Coco levy funds plunderer and bloodthirsty murderer Danding Cojuangco, Jr), Ronaldo Puno ( a very clever plunderer and a master of deception and dirty tricks), and Leandro Mendoza (another very clever plunderer) as Cabinet Secretaries because her sense of judgement is bulok. 11. There must be a signature drive to ban libel lawsuit forever so the mafiosis and their political and military agents can no longer use it as a weapon to terrorize news reporters and editors, whistleblowers and their political targets. 12. The mafiosis and their political and military agents have access to news organizations to rebut or refute charges or accusations against them- therefore libel lawsuit is not necessary. 13. All the Cabinet Secretaries of GMA should have resigned a day after she granted executive clemency to Erap Estrada. Obviously, they are either weaklings or tainted or have no delicadeza. 14. If she really wanted to eradicate graft and corruption then she should not have granted clemency to that convicted plunderer Erap Estrada. 15. DO OR DIE FOR THE GOOD OF THE MANY- NOT FOR THE MAFIOSIS! 16. Again, kindness to the cruel is cruelty to the kind.

Anonymous said...

Bakit Junior officer lang ba ang makabayan wala na bang makabayan sa hanay Senior Officer?

Anonymous said...

Members of the Reserve Officer Corp and Reserve Force are contended as audience of the ongoing problems of our country. You are like a carabao with a rope tied on your nose if pull on the right, left or any direction you immediately follow, pitiful people!

Anonymous said...

the PMA should have been dissolved a long time ago. Marcos was right when he marginalized the aeers daw. Look what is happening now, pmaeers commit crimes with impunity. sila2 nalang nag uusap. kanya kanyang tolerate sa kamalian ng kapwa aer nya. pero what can the country do, kung puro naman saksakan ng inutil ang mga hindi pmaers? ang maganda siguro I ABOLISH ang armed forces at i attrite ang lahat na sa afp ngayun, discounting na ipag kukulong sila at pag bibitayin. tapos palitan ng mga bagong sundalo na tunay na mag seserbesyo sa bansa!

Anonymous said...

walang makabayan sa hanay ng senior officers kasi puro sila lahat plastic! habang tumatanda sa serbesyo, tuition ng mga anak nila at anak nila sa labas ang pinoproblema nila, kaya pera ng unit nila pati pera ng mga ordinaryong sundalo, disgracia!!!

Anonymous said...

i agree! we need an iron hand to lead us now in times of crises. WE NEED MANNY PACQUIAO!

Bitnik51 said...

Time to act is now... I call the new katipuneros, all remnants of patriotic filipinos, lahat ng nagmamahal sa bansang pilipinas...This is the time to bring down this government. This is the time to change thru military authority. Politics in the this country is a sham, Nothing good will come out of it...Let us liberate this country from the bondage of oligarchy....

Anonymous said...

we should not allow ourselves to be opressed anymore...and the military must not let themselves become a puppet of the puppet looking president!

Anonymous said...

Kailangan ang civil war para magkasundo ang isang bansa.matindi ang sakit ng pilipinas kanser na walang kagamutan ang kurapsyon.mga walang hiya kayo puro gago puro pangako pag naupo na puro nakaw. Isa akong ofw dapat wala kami rito mga hayop sa gobyerno

OFW said...

Saludo ako sa inyo mga lumalaban sa gobyernong arroyo na makapal ang mukha magnanakaw,mandaraya,mayabang,puro salita.kayo namang mga walang paninindigan mga balimbing sunodsunuran sa taong walang kwenta.Paanong titino ang bansa mismong lider ay walanghiya at sinungaling dapat wala kami dito sa ibang bansa. Mga hayop kayo sa gobyerno akala nyo kayo lang ang magaling marami pang bata na mas marunong sa inyo.wag na kayong gumamit ng BIBLIYA sa panunumpa nyo sa gobyerno dahil nilalabag nyo rin, pati diyos kinakasangkapan nyo. Mabuhay kayong lumalaban isa ako sa humahanga sa inyo.MABUHAY KAYO.FROM OFW ABU DHABI.

ofw said...

Saludo ako sa inyo mga lumalaban ipagpatuloy nyo. masarap mamatay na may ipinaglalaban.di tulad ng mga balimbing sa gobyerno makapal ang mukha.mga mandaraya paanong titino ang mga tao mismong lider ng gobyerno ay mandaraya,magnanakaw,walanghiya mga tanga lang ang taong sumusunod sa gobyernong arroyo walang sariling paninindigan,Mga inutil.from balikbayan gitnang silangan

pagibigmahal said...


WATCH OUT!!! There is a Mayor Maniac on the loose just prowling around to prey on any female tribe. Not content with his lascivious acts in Caloocan City, now he brings his lustful deeds in the neighborhood of Philam Life, Quezon City.
Few days before Christmas, as Mayor Maniac was driving in the area of Quezon City, he caught sight of 3 young ladies, all of whom are students of JASMS. The Maniac was so dead drank as he alit from his vehicle. His bodyguards surrounded these young girls, as the Maniac fondled on their private parts. Not content with these disgusting, dirty, filthy acts, he inserted his hand into the panty of one of the teeners. Not satisfied, he began to kiss them, mash their breast as the bodyguards lustily watched the sexual act.
In Caloocan City, infront of the City Hall, is a private girl school (La Consolacion College), a very strong warning was given by the parents to the students, not to pass by the City Hall, where the Maniac Mayor is just waiting for his next victim.
As a concerned mother, I urged all of you to condemn these evil acts that Mayor Recom Echiverri has been doing to many children and the female employees of City Hall. Let this not fall on deaf ears. Let us all stand up to put an end to these sexually perverted character of the sexually starved Mayor.
From Concerned Mother of Caloocan City

pagibigmahal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

sa 2010 let us make GEN. LIM OUR NEW PRESIDENT!!!

pagibigmahal said...


This statement is intended for all student council leaders of all colleges and universities in metro manila particularly, and the entire nation generally.

Ilang araw bago magpasko ng taong 2008, the mayor of Caloocan City, Recom Echiverri, was seen in the vicinity of west triangle near Philam Subdivision, dead drunk and apparently looking for young women to molest and harass sexually. The time was a little past 6:00 in the morning near JASMS, a private subsidiary college of PWU, a small group of college students were chanced upon by this sex maniac.

Sa harap ng mga estudyante, biglang tumigil ang lasing na lasing na mayor ng Caloocan, pinababa ang kanyang bodyguards at pagbaba sa kanyang kotse, Echiverri drunkenly confronted the young girls, got hold of one of them, and right in front of several witrnesses mashed the breast of the hapless young woman. Not contented with his salacious act of mashing the breast, mayor Echiverri even tried to pull down the panty of the terrified student.

It was at this point that some bypassers and residents intervened and saved the girl from further harm and physical sexual harassment. The students, thoroughly terrorized, hastily retreated inside the school's compound to escape the clutches of this sex fiend.

Words reached us that Echiverri is now trying to make ayos of the incident. He approached west triangle Barangay Chairman Ben Sia to patch up things with the parents of the young JASMS students who are afraid to come up with formal charges because of their fear of the power and political influence of the said mayor.

This is revolting! A few days later, the Pangadaman incident took place involving another mayor and a cabinet secretary at that. This untramelled display of arrogance and blatant abuse of power by these politicians and public officials is the hallmark of this regime which is now a curse on the entire nation.

Words have it that this latest sex caper of the mayor of Caloocan city is not the last one, and therefore, can not be considered an isolated incident. Many young women in Caloocan have been victimized by this sex fiend garbed with the people-mandated authority as the head of a local government unit, i.e. the City of Caloocan.

We are calling on all students, teachers and parents of Caloocan to unite and come out openly in denouncing this sex maniac who happens to be their elected mayor. The people and students of Caloocan deserved more than justice and security! They deserved an equally upright and moral political leader because of the historical value of the city in shaping this country into what it is today, a democratic and free society.

People of Caloocan, unite and denounce this sex maniac! Rally to the cause of the young students na binastos at pinagtangkaang halayin ni Echiverri sa harap mismo ng maraming saksi na mga taga-west triangle, Quezon City.

Panahon na upang buuin ang isang malawakang pagkondena at pagkilos upang
alisan ng karapatan ang mga tiwali at abusadong Punong Lungsod Bayan na tulad ni Echiverri.

Anonymous said...

Mahiya ka mayor Echiverri napakadisente mong tingnan nong makita kita sa city hall manyak ka pala.Di na kailangan ang pagkakaisa kung talagang tapat sa tao ang gobyernong Arroyo suspendehin nyo yan at parusahan.Nakakahiya ka mayor kuno.Akala mo santo noong nangangampanya palang ngayong naupo na demonyo pala.Di ka bagay sa city hall RECOM.marami namang pokpok dyan sa Caloocan yon na lang kunin hindot ka mayor. O anong ginagawa ng mga NPA dyan? Matabang isda yan tirahin nyo bilib ako sa inyo pag yan ang hatulan nyo.

Anonymous said...

Dapat yan kay walanghiyang RECOM ECHIVERRI na yan ipakulong kasama si ATONIO SANCHEZ mayor ka pa naman gago,bugok.
From OFW.

Anonymous said...

Kayong mga nasa gobyerno hindi naman lahat yong mga gumagawa lang ng katiwalian mahiya kayo puro makapal ang mga mukha.Lalo yong mga sundalong tumulong na mandaya sa eleksyon mga gago kayo,di kayo dapat magsimba hanggat di kayo nagbabago lalo lang denodoble ninyo ang kasalanan nyo. from o.f.w middle east.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you all you guys in congress and in the senate your idiot and stupid. You know why? you are planning to return back the law about death penalty.Before it was inplemented already why it was scrapped then you have to return it back.Bullshit you are just wasting money.Law is supposed to be law that can't be abolished by somebody. The have to approved it the afterwards it will be abolished by next government if they want your all crazy.from overseas filipino worker.

Anonymous said...

Why do we allow these bastards to victimize the youth and media never print the truth so that the whole nation will know?
Bakit ba ang mga senior officers
sa AFP ngayon ay wala nang integrity at di na honest? PMA pa naman ang mga lintek!!!
Mag-isa tayong lahat sa 2010 at tumulong sa paglinis nang ating government para naman umasenso ang Pinas. Mabuhay ang mga kawal nating matitino.

Anonymous said...

Go General Lim!!!

Bitnik51 said...

matagal na yong panahan na para magbgo...parang huli na...controlled anarchy is basically reigning....pretty soon the street will be like mogadishu...

Anonymous said...

Ay Madam Arroyo nakakahiya ka,bakit habol ka ng habol kay Obama di ba sinabi nya noon na di nya tutulungan ang mga nandaya sa eleksyon.Di mo alam yon? from o.f.w

jonnette said...

kayo ay tunay na mga bayani, na hindi sarili lamang ang inisip, kundi ang kapakanan ng sambayanang pilipino.
Ang mga tulad ninyo na handa magsilbi para sa sambayanang pilipino, ang dapat na mamuno sa ating bayan.
Mabuhay po kayo......
Makaka-asa po kayo ng suporta mula amin, mga OFW, sa aming pamilya at mga kaibigan.

Anonymous said...

I from the True Blooded GUARDIANS Brootherhood Inc."The first,the Original"1984.Calling also all the root members of DIABLO SQUAD Crime Buster,from all the branches of AFP and all marked civilian members to FIGHT for the TRUTH,what are Brother SGF LIM fighting for.The Dignity and honor and his rank of service made to sacrifice what like Supreme Master Founder Lapu2 had suffered in standing for a better Philippines.

Anonymous said...

Nasan na ang mga RAM-SFP-YOU,Guardians na nagsasabi na sila ang mga sundalong patriotiko at mapagmahal sa bayan? Ngayon harap-harapan ang nakawan sa kaban ng bayan,mga anomalya sa gobyerno at mga masaker na nagaganap sa ating bayan. Ngayong kailangan kayo ng bayan para putulin itong mga kahindutang ito nasan na kayo?

Anonymous said...

Kung nabubuhay lang ang ating mga bayani at makikita nila ang sitwasyon ng bansang inalayan nila ng kanilang buhay para matamo lang ang demokrasya siguro sasabihin nila kung alam lang namin na ganito mangyayari sa bansang ipinaglaban namin magsama-sama kayong mamatay sa impiyerno mga hindot kayo.

Anonymous said...

Para tumino ang pilipinas ang dapat patayin lahat ng mga matatanda at itira ang mga bata.kung ako lang may nuclear bomb babagsakan ko kayo mga herodes kayo.i love philippines pero ano ginagawa nyo sa bansa?

" IRICIA" said...

now, i come to undersand what the oakwood munity is fighting for.....mabuhay kayo na tunay at magigiting na sundalo....